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Erectile Dysfunction

what is erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or more commonly known as ED, is the most well-known sex issue ED can simply be understood as the inability and hindrance in achieving and keeping an erection that is stiff and hard enough for sex. Even though it’s not uncommon for a man to have a few issues with erections every once in a while, Erectile Dysfunction that is dynamic or happens routinely with sex isn’t ordinary, and it ought to be dealt with, properly treatment
What is an Erection and how do they work?

During sexual excitement or when a man is sexually aroused, nerves discharge synthetic compounds that increase the flow of blood to the penis. Blood then flows into two erection chambers in the penis, made of light muscle tissue (the corpus cavernosum). These corpus cavernosum chambers are then filled with blood when the flow of blood is targeted towards them. During an erection, the springy and sponge-like tissues unwind and trap blood. The pressure built by the trapped blood in the chambers makes the penis firm and hard, causing an erection. At the point when a man has reached an orgasm and has climaxed, the second arrangement of nerve signals arrive at the penis and cause the strong tissues in the penis to contract and blood is discharged back into the bloodstream and the erection descends. At the point when a man is not explicitly stimulated, the penis is delicate and limp. Men may see that the size of the penis differs with warmth, cold or stress; this is typical and mirrors the balance of blood coming into and leaving the penis.
Having high blood glucose and sugar (Diabetes)


Having hypertension

Having cardiovascular sickness

Having elevated cholesterol

Smoking and drinking excess of Alcohol