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Gastric Problem

When you reach the age of 40+, the common problem in many individuals is “gas” or “gastric stomach problems”. Gastric problem has achieved the height of being nagging problem to maximum of people residing in the nation. Wider range of problems has been discovered with regards to gastric problem which ranges from indigestion to empty stomach. Due to gastric problem, even a very healthy person ends up with irritation and improper bowel movement. You can also stay very low and un-energetic at times in severe cases as this creates gastro intestinal problems.

Causes of Gastric trouble

The main causes of the Gastric problems include acidity, indigestion, stomach bloating and heartburn. Some of the other causes of the gastric pain are viral or bacterial infections, food poisoning, kidney stones, constipation, tumors, pancreatitis and ulcers etc. There are still lots of genuine reasons why people usually suffer with gas problem.

Common symptoms of gastric problems

  • → Bad breathe
  • → Coating on tongue
  • → Stomach pain
  • → Belching
  • → Flatulence
  • → Abdominal bloating